Symseat – PC version

SYMSEAT PC is a seat mover which is compatible with PC software such as Simtools. It more realistically replicates the sensation of accelerating, braking and cornering by applying pressure in the right places rather than just relying on rotational motion to simulate it. As it is PC software driven it is fully customisable by the user.


Symseat is supplied with an integrated Corbeau seat, Luke 5 point harness, 2 USB and a mains cable.

PRICE: £2499.00
VAT: £499.80
PRICE INC VAT: £2998.80

Delivery – 3/4 weeks.

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Minimal setup is required, attach the seat to the cockpit and plug in and install the profile in to Simtools.
When the accelerator is pressed, a plate behind the back cushion pushes forwards onto your upper back giving the feeling of the seat pushing you. This more realistically replicates the forward surge felt when accelerating.
When the brake is pressed, the crotch strap pulls down and the shoulder straps pull back tightening the harness. This gives the sensation of being thrown forward, again replicating the reverse surge.
When cornering, seat bolster pads and part of the seat base rotate towards the user. This gives the feeling of lateral G force or sway, again giving a more realistic sensation.
Symseat is an ideal addition to static rigs giving a greater sense of involvement in the game. It also does not require motion compensation when using VR.
Symseat is also an ideal addition to any other motion simulator or seat mover. In fact, it is ideally suited to add to motion rigs that tilt the user to simulate surge and sway as in real life, car suspension is not that soft. These forces can therefore be toned down to something a bit more realistic and then motion compensation in VR would be less likely to be needed.