SYMSEAT is a ‘plug and play’ seat mover which uses our ‘TRUMOTION’ technology to more realistically replicate the sensation of accelerating, braking and cornering by applying pressure and linear rather than rotational motion to the user.

We will also be launching a PC version so the motion can be driven by your favourite racing software.

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Symseat is supplied with a Corbeau seat, Luke 5 point harness side plates,air fans and steering wheel sensors. Minimal assembly is required, calibrate the pedals and wheel and your good to go.
When the accelerator is pressed to the activation point, the seat pad moves back slightly pressing your lower back into the seat back. There is also a plate that pushes forwards onto your upper back giving the feeling of the seat pushing you. This is therefore more realistically replicating the forward surge felt when accelerating.
The air fans are also activated giving you the sensation of speed.
When the brake is pressed to the activation point, the crotch strap pulls down, the shoulder straps pull back and the seat pad moves forward. This gives the sensation of being thrown forward, again replicating the reverse surge.
The rear light will also change from blue to red.
When the steering is turned to the trigger position, which is user definable, the seat pad moves in the opposite direction forcing you into the side bolster. This gives the feeling of lateral G force or sway, again giving a more realistic sensation.
Symseat is also compatible with our ‘shift kick’ option. This works when changing up a gear on full acceleration and will cause the back rest to release the pressure on your back then quickly reapply it. This simulates the momentary disengagement of the drive train.
Symseat is an ideal addition to static rigs giving a greater sense of involvement in the game. It also does not require motion compensation when using VR.
Symseat is also an ideal addition to the GCR1000 or any other motion simulator or seat mover. In fact, it is ideally suited to add to motion rigs that tilt the user to simulate surge and sway as in real life, car suspension is not that soft. These forces can therefore be toned down to something a bit more realistic and then motion compensation in VR would be less likely to be needed.