Symdeck customer TL review

“Excellent fun and remarkably convincing, particularly when combined with VR. The seatbelts tightening under braking felt utterly realistic! Mike & Simon very enthusiastic, helpful and passionate about their new product too!”


“Saw it at Autosport 2019 and it was totally convincing. The technology is developed to a high standard by people with a passion for what they do. So impressed that I ordered one a few days later. Now itching to get it set up in the office.”


“Spent the day firing questions via email to Simon at SYMDECK concerning their TRACTION LOSS SYSTEM by the end of the day I put in the order , was promised within a week and yes was delivered on time, was very impressed with the packaging, a wooden crate which ensured it arrived undamaged.

SET UP…………..

Setting up was very straight forward, Once out the crate I just positioned my aluminium profile rig straight on top. Took the weight no problem, which includes a seat mover, DD wheel and my weight. Very sturdy product. Once Simtools was installed the process to set up TRACTION LOSS was very straight forward up and running within the hour.


Once dialed in ” Less is more ” Paddock hill bend at Brands Hatch came alive in fact the whole circuit did. Down into Rivazza at Imola under heavy braking the back end was squirming the motion from the TL was very impressive. The feeling you get when the car breaks traction is very good, you catch the slide very quickly . The extra level of immersion that the SYMDECK TL provides was worth every penny.”

One very happy customer!


“Best sim I’ve tried!” These were the words from 2 visitors who had a test drive today.

“When I looked at your website, it didn’t look as though the sim did a lot, just going backwards and forwards but now I’ve tried it I couldn’t be more wrong!

Moving backwards and forwards rather than tipping more realistically replicates the feeling of braking and accelerating. With the seatbelt tightening when you brake, fans blowing air at you when you accelerate and bass shakers giving the surface detail through the seat and pedals adds even more to the experience. And there all included in the price!

Don’t believe it? Come and try it for yourself.”


At the Autosport international trade show this year I got to try out one of SymDecks motion rigs with G-Seat that allows you to feel G load as you go around corners here is what I thought about it !


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