RC1000 static racing cockpit

The RC1000 static racing cockpit (shown with optional screen mount) is powder coated and an all aluminium construction making it lightweight (less than 30kg) but is designed to be extremely rigid making it suitable for direct drive wheels. Minimal assembly is required meaning it won’t be long before you will be good to race. It is compatible with Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec and OSW. A second forward seat mounting position makes it also suitable for children.


Included is the base frame, seat frame, Corbeau race seat, pedal frame, incorporated cable management anchor points, assembly instructions. Other brackets available: see images opposite.

Fully configured static rigs are also available.

PRICE: £895.00
VAT: £179.00
PRICE INC VAT: £1074.00

Delivery – 3/4 weeks.

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Simulators can be configured for either single seater or salon car set ups. The seat and pedal positions are reach and rake adjustable. The wheel is height and reach adjustable.
Both the wheel and seat are mounted on quick release runners to aid entry and exit.
The cockpit is supplied with a Corbeau Club Sport bucket seat as standard.
cockpit 1
Seat frame with quick release runner for reach adjustment. Hand adjustable height and rake positioning.
Cockpit incorporates numerous cable tie anchor points.
Optional TH8A gear mount plate.
Optional ButtKicker mounting bar.
Optional front castors allow the cockpit to be manoeuvred more easily.
cockpit 3
Wheel mount with quick release runner for reach and hand adjustable height positioning.
cockpit 2
Pedal frame with hand adjustable reach and rake positioning. Pedals can also be mounted in various positions on the plate.
Optional screen bracket will accommodate displays up to 40″.
Moving the seat to the forward mounting position enables the cockpit to be used by younger children.
Optional games console bracket allows it to be securely mounted behind screen bracket.
Optional front and rear bass shaker/speaker mount brackets attach easily to cockpit fixing points.

RC1000 static racing cockpit adjustability

RC1000 static racing cockpit assembly