s2 V2 2 DOF (degrees of freedom) Pitch/Roll Motion Platform for PC

£2,295.00 Excluding Vat

Experience the circuit’s hills, bumps and curbs on your sim using pitch and roll. You can also add simulated acceleration, braking and cornering forces to your sim.

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  • completely new mechanism!
  • adds pitch and roll to your simulator
  • can be used to simulate surge and sway
  • compatible with all other modules
  • Simtools interface profiles and reference axis profiles provided
  • Compatible with most popular games. For a full list see here
  • Now compatible with certain games on console with our Trumotion console controller. For details see here
  • plug and play – no assembly required
  • compact design – 1190 x 600mm
  • fully enclosed electronics and mechanics
  • no separate control box required
  • compatible with other cockpits

Compatibility: PC directly through 2 x USB
Dimensions: L1190mm x W600mm H160mm
Weight: 37kg
Material: 5mm Aluminium
Finish: Powder coated
Weight limit: 220kg
Motion: Custom designed actuators – max pitch or roll +/- 7.5 degrees of rotation @ 125mm/s (unloaded)
Cockpit compatibility: Most cockpits including Symdeck, Playseat, Trak Racer, GT Omega and Rseat S1/RS1

s2 motion platform, cockpit fixing kit, USB and mains cable, instruction manual.

Delivery 4-6 weeks
Order with the static racing cockpit and save £100 + VAT