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£16,895.00 Excluding Vat

Offering the ultimate experience, this setup has everything you could ever need and has a higher spec screen and PC and direct drive wheel which provides more detailed feedback. It also adds the s1 motion platform to feel real surge when braking and accelerating and feel the gear changes. A quad bass shaker system lets you feel the bumps through each wheel.

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  • Symdeck racing cockpit
  • Screen mount
  • S1 motion platform
  • S3 motion platform
  • TL motion platform
  • Symbelt
  • Symseat
  • Symdeck DD wheel
  • Symdeck pedals
  • 49” QUHD Ulutrawide screen
  • 5.1 sound system and brackets
  • Symdeck Quad bass shaker system
  • Symdeck speed fans
  • 3080 PC
  • 1 game supplied

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Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5