Console controller for Xbox and PlayStation

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For games on consoles that don’t output telemetry data, we are able to offer motion for those as well. The platforms can simulate cornering, accelerating and braking for any game.

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The console control unit used with the Trumotion controller allows you to select products from our PC range and experience motion with all console games. It connects directly to the Trumotion controller.

The console controller uses a sensor for the wheel to measure the position and pass-through cables for the pedals. By doing this we can simulate cornering, accelerating and braking for any game and will even work when the game is not running. However, in the game when you turn the wheel or press the pedals, you are soon tricked into thinking the motion is driven by the game.

Please note – some platforms, mainly the traction loss and fans will not operate when using the console controller but you can use them when you play games that do output the telemetry.


Console control unit, sensors, instruction manual.


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