OBP E-Sports Pro-Race V2 3 Pedal System (Hydraulic Technology)

New for 2020. Over a Decade of Proven Real-World Motorsport Winning Success & Engineering Expertise has been packaged into the obp E-Sports Pro-Race V2 Pedal Assemblies.

Due to obp Motorsport’s extensive knowledge in Motorsport the obp E-Sports Pedal Assemblies deliver fantastic feedback from all three pedals for a Professional Realistic Motorsport Simulation Experience.

  • Aircraft Grade T6061 Aluminium Pedals
  • Mild Steel Cradle Construction
  • Multiple Pedal Pad Adjustment
  • Adjustable Pedal Ratios
  • Adjustable Accelerator Return
  • Available with silver or black pedals
  • Connects to PC via USB adapter or to direct drive wheel via RJ45 cable.
  • Connects to Xbox and PS4 with our adapter cable and compatible Thrustmaster wheelbase.

Using our USB adapter to connect to a PC is very easy to use. The pedals are calibrated via the built in Windows USB games controller interface and does not require DIView.

The pedals are also compatible with Xbox and PS4 by use of a Thrustmaster wheelbase.


2 pedal option available soon.


Slave Cylinder Carrier, Master Cylinders, Slave Cylinders, High-Quality Spring Rubber, St/St Braided Hose Set, Pressure Sensor & Adaptor. Supplied as silver or black. Connects directly to DD wheel base with RJ45 cable or PC via USB adapter. Can also work with PS4 and Xbox with our bespoke RJ45 to RJ12 cables. Please specify colour and connection required when ordering.


PRICE: £1076.75
VAT: £215.35
PRICE INC VAT: £1292.10