GCR1000 motion platform

“Excellent fun and remarkably convincing, particularly when combined with VR, the seatbelts tightening under braking felt utterly realistic!”

We will soon be able to offer a version of the Symdeck GCR1000 which works with Logitech and Fanatec wheel and pedal sets as well.

e SYMDECK GCR1000 is a compact racing motion platform which replicates the acceleration and braking forces experienced when driving.
The platform has been designed as a ‘Plug & Play’ addition to existing static gaming seat cockpits and will operate independently from gaming software.

With no assembly required, the GCR1000 is a ‘plug and play’ powder coated aluminium construction motion platform designed for you to add your own rig on to.


Included is the motion platform, cockpit fixing kit, data cable, bespoke LUKE 2 point auto-tensioning harness, fans, instruction manual.

PRICE: £1399.00
VAT: £280.00
PRICE INC VAT: £1679.00

Delivery – 3/4 weeks.

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Under heavy braking, the bespoke harness provided with the deck, tightens really adding to the experience. This will work with any cockpit that has harness slots in the seat backrest.

When the accelerator pedal is pressed enough, the fans supplied with the deck will activate adding to the sense of speed.

When driving using manual gear changes, the deck will automatically respond to the lifting off and pressing of the accelerator pedal.

Add a jolt on every sequential gear change with the optional ‘shift kick’ for only £150 + VAT (£180). This will work on the paddle and lever based shifter.

When the up paddle shifter is activated, the ‘shift kick’ operates wirelessly between the unit on the wheel and the one on the deck.

All the cables that plug into the deck are protected by a pivoting cover preventing damage to the plugs and buttons but easy access to them.


The Symdeck GCR1000 incorporates our own software which has been designed for use with PS4 and Xbox One gaming consoles as well as PC and will operate natively with the following:

Thrustmaster – T500RS, TMX, TX, T300, 458, TS-XW, TS-PC (incl. T3PAPro; T3PR Pedals)

With additional hardware the deck will operate with the following:

Logitech – G29, G920, G27, G25

Fanatec – ClubSport, CSL Elite


Gaming Cockpits:
The Symdeck GCR1000 has been designed to accommodate most Racing Cockpits including Playseat, Trak Racer, GT Omega and Rseat S1/RS1 or you can view our own cockpit solution here

The overall dimensions of the base measure 1128mm long x 542mm wide