Symdeck Modular Motion System Components For Console

Unfortunately not all games on console output the telemetry data to be used on a motion platform. However Symdeck motion platforms, the only range available for console, are able to offer motion for these games because of our bespoke control unit.

There is no connection between the console and motion platforms so they will work with any game.

The pedals plug into our control unit. There is a cable from our control unit to the wheel.  For the s2 there are also sensors that attach to the steering wheel that measure the rotation. When the trigger point is reached the motion is activated. The s1, s2 and Symseat are controlled by the accelerator and brake pedal position and the s2 is also controlled by the steering wheel position.

The symdeck modular motion system consists of platforms which offer different motions that can simply be stacked together to provide the required effect. They can be purchased in any order and you can buy just the ones you need or to suit your budget.

  • choose from a static simulator or up to 3 DOF motion
  • 7 motion options from 3 components
  • plug and play – no assembly required
  • compact design enclosing all electronics and mechanics
  • simple control box supplied
  • each module is compatible with all other modules in the console range
  • each module can be switched to PC mode if required
  • motion modules compatible with other cockpits

Cockpit from £875

Symbelt self-tensioning harness from £995

s2 pitch/roll motion platform from £2595

s1 surge motion platform from £1695

With the s1, s2 and Symbelt modules together you get an amazing experience!

Symdeck ‘Ready To Race’ Console Motion Systems

Buy a full setup that fits your budget and requirements.