Static Racing Cockpit

Lightweight but rigid cockpit. Pre-drilled for Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec and OSW.

Cockpit Adjustability

There is probably more adjustability in this cockpit than any other on the market.


Dimensions: L1200mm x W500mm

Weight: 27kg

Material: Aluminium

Finish: Powder coated

User height range: 1M – 2M

Weight limit: 130kg

* 1M with seat set in forward position


Corbeau seat, base frame, seat and wheel frame and 2 x seat sliders.

PRICE: £745.00
VAT: £149.00
PRICE INC VAT: £894.00

Delivery – 3/4 weeks.

Order with Symseat and save £210 + VAT

Order with the s1,S2 or s3 deck and save £100 + VAT

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Cockpit accessories


Optional screen bracket will accommodate displays up to 40″ and is pre-drilled for a range of VESA mount options. £75 + VAT (£90)

TSS sequential

Optional gear mount system shown fitted to the left hand and a TSS set to sequential. £150 + VAT (£180)


Optional handbrake mount can be fitted for right or left handed use and is pre-drilled to accept TSS and Clubsport hand brakes. £75 + VAT (£90)

Requires shifter system


Optional simple TH8A shifter mount plate can be fitted for right or left handed use. £20 + VAT (£24)

keyboard tray

Optional mini keyboard/remote tray attaches easily to cockpit fixing points. It’s mounted in an easy to reach position and includes a baize non-slip mat. £25 + VAT (£30)


Optional front and rear bass shaker/speaker mount brackets attach easily to cockpit fixing points. Centre speaker mount also available. £140 + VAT (£168) per set

single shaker

Optional single bass shaker bracket. £50 + VAT (£60)


Optional ButtKicker mounting bar. £20 + VAT (£24)


Optional front castors allow the cockpit to be manoeuvred more easily. £25 + VAT (£30) pair


Optional games console bracket allows it to be securely mounted behind screen bracket. There is also a security bracket to prevent theft. £50 + VAT (£60)