After months of planning, design and testing we are pleased to announce the production of the version 2 s2 and s3. Here’s a video of the prototype setup being tested with Dirt Rally 2.

The production version will look almost identical to the original ones but the mechanism has been completely redesigned. Version 1 had rotating arms mounted axially to the motors like a wiper motor setup. This worked well but when powered off the weight would drop the arms.

Version 2 has a linear motor setup but rather than being mounted vertically, they are horizontal with a cantilever turning it into vertical motion. This means they can be enclosed in the same way as version 1 rather than having to be mounted to a cockpit.

Version 2 retains our unique stability mechanism (not visible in the video) so it can only pitch and roll in a controlled manner. Without it the top would wobble about like a jelly!

Any new orders from now on will be using the new version 2