5th July 2018 – Symdeck showroom available to rent

The Symdeck showroom consisting of 4 simulators is now available to rent for parties, corporate

events or just for the fun of it.

Each one features a motion platform and our own cockpit design allowing for quick positioning of

seat and steering wheel, seatbelt tensioners for braking, fans for acceleration, bass shakers to feel

the track, gear changes or the rough!


You can rent just one or race head to head with a friend with our connected Xbox sims. Both have

the screens mounted right behind the wheel for a realistic cockpit view


Or rent a VR sim for an even more immersive experience. We have a PSVR and HTC Vive which

along with all the other toys fitted provide a truly unbelievable experience.

Rent the whole showroom for a party, corporate event or just come along with friends for a great


Prices are £20 per person for half an hour for the Xbox sims. Rent a VR sim for £30 per person

or rent them all. The full showroom rental cost is dependent on number of people and time

required, please call or email your enquiry to receive a price.

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