Sydeck Launch Our Load Cell 2 And 3 Pedal set and load cell Handbrake

Featuring a 90kg load cell on the brake pedal and handbrake and hall effect sensors on the accelerator and clutch.

To find out more click on the link below.

SD13 pedals front

Symdeck Fully Modular Motion Systems

Symdeck Motion For PC

Choose the individual components to fit your budget and requirements or select from our ‘ready to race’ options.

Console Racer? You Have Motion Options Too

The worlds first and only ‘plug and play’ motion simulator for Xbox One and PS4/PS5. Choose components or ‘ready to race’ options.


With a passion for motorsport stretching back decades, over 60 years of designing and literally hundreds of hours of track time between us, we decided to use our skills and experience to start Symdeck, a ‘plug and play’ motion platform solution designed to work with PS4, Xbox One and PC. Our motion platforms can complement existing static setups or to be used with our own cockpit. If you already have the basics then why not look at our platform/cockpit combinations or if you’re starting from scratch then we can provide ‘ready to race’ systems.