Showroom Reopens on 12 April

Our showroom will reopen with 3 different setups to try. We have hand sanitiser at the door and can offer socially distanced test drives. All rigs will be cleaned prior to your visit.

Symdeck Modular Motion System

Buy a full setup that fits your budget and requirements.

Symdeck Modular Motion System Components

Choose the components to fit your budget and requirements.

  • choose from a static simulator or up to 6 DOF motion
  • 31 motion options from 5 components
  • plug and play – no assembly required
  • compact design enclosing all electronics and mechanics
  • no separate control boxes required
  • each module is compatible with all other modules
  • motion modules compatible with other cockpits

With the TL, s1 and s3 platforms together you get an amazing experience!

Console Racer? You Can Have Motion Options Too

The worlds first and only ‘plug and play’ motion simulator for Xbox One and PS4. Choose the ‘ready to race’  simulator or individual components to fit your budget and requirements.


With a passion for motorsport stretching back decades, over 60 years of designing and literally hundreds of hours of track time between us, we decided to use our skills and experience to start Symdeck, a ‘plug and play’ motion platform solution designed to work with PS4, Xbox One and PC. Our motion platforms can complement existing static setups or to be used with our own cockpit. If you already have the basics then why not look at our platform/cockpit combinations or if you’re starting from scratch then we can provide ‘ready to race’ systems.