SYMDECK GCR1000 is a domestic gaming motion platform which replicates the acceleration and braking forces experienced in real life racing car driving situations.

The platform has been designed as a ‘Plug & Play’ addition to existing ‘static’ gaming seat cockpits and will operate independently from gaming software making it compatible with Sony Playstation and Microsfot X-Box consoles as well as PC.

The GCR1000 will recreate the forces experienced by heavy braking and accelerating via the forward and rearward travel of the platform.

SYMDECK have also developed state of the art Cockpit solutions which can be viewed here.

Symdeck and Trumotion are trademark protected.

Spring 2018 Pricing



The Symdeck GCR1000 incorporates our own ‘Symbox Software’ which has been designed for use with PS4 and X Box One gaming consoles as well as PC and will operate with the following.

Wheel and Pedal sets:
– T500RS; TMX; TX; T300; 458 (incl. T3PAPro; T3PR Pedals)

Gaming Cockpits:
The Symdeck GCR1000 has been designed to accommodate most Racing Cockpits

The overall dimensions of the base measure 1128mm long x 542mm wide


6th July 2018 – A grand day out

Mike and I spent the day at Silverstone!


5th July 2018 – Symdeck showroom available to rent

The Symdeck showroom consisting of 4 simulators is now available to rent for parties, corporate

events or just for the fun of it.


5th July 2018 – VR racing is here

Come and try out our VR racing simulators. For the ultimate immersion VR can’t be beaten and along with the motion platforms, seatbelt tensioners, fans and bass shakers you won’t believe the experience. We have a PSVR as shown above or test drive the HTC Vive shown below which also has 5.1 surround sound.

5th July 2018 – Head to head racing

Our 2 Xbox simulators are now linked via the internet which allows for head to head racing. Chose a circuit and cars and see who is the fastest.

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